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We teach content creators how to use social media to grow six-figure businesses through one-on-one coaching, pitching services, and content development.


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We help realtors create buzz on social media and draw in leads with a variety of services including PLR, Custom Content, Social Media Management, and more,


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Content Creator Monthly Pitching Service

Our monthly pitching service is designed for content creators who value their time and want to focus on the creative aspect of content creation while someone else handles daily brand outreach.
Our content creator monthly pitching service includes:
  • An onboarding call so that we can get to know you and your brand
  • Sourcing all contacts
  • Drafting 15 pitch emails each month to brands and/or pr agencies of your choice
  • Follow-up on every pitch sent on days 7 and 14
  • Monthly reporting
Our goal is to ensure our pitches connect you to decision-makers who are open to discussing future partnerships. With our help, you can focus on creating great content while we handle brand outreach.
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Level Up Your Social Media and Content Creation Knowledge

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Tire of working for free popcorn and tennis shoes? Download our list of agencies that pay new content creators regardless of how many followers you have.


Coaching & Courses

I'm Courtney Blacher

The 6-figure content creator coach and I teach women how to use their social media platforms to build 6-figure businesses! 

I've been a content creator for 7+ years and during that time have had the opportunity to partner with well over 500 brands. Everyone from Target, Amazon, and Nordstrom to Disney, Hilton, and Southwest Airlines. 

While my focus has been mostly on travel, food, and lifestyle, I have worked in a variety of niches from fitness and fashion to healthcare and education. If there's a brand with a budget, chances are we've worked together. 

There is so much money to be made in the creator space, unfortunately, many new and seasoned creators get sucked into product-only partnerships and have a hard time breaking free and it hurts to see that. I'm all about seeing women succeed especially in business because with financial success comes independence which I feel is extremely important for women.  

I launched the Content Creator Coach platform to offer a solution. I wanted to give new content creators something I didn't have when I first started, a clear road map to success. Although I can't promise that everyone will make it to the finish line (you get out of this what you put in), I can promise that as long as you are doing the work, you will always have me in your corner offering support.   

If you’re ready to launch a business that can change your life and are willing to put in the work, you’re in the right place! 

Welcome to our creator family! 

Here's How My Journey To Content Creator Started

"Working with Courtney has changed my life. I’m only 2 months in and already landed TWO $5,000 partnerships"

- Lorie

"Courtney is worth her weight in gold. If she tripled her rates I would still pay it because I know I'm making it back x10"

- Vanessa

"I accomplished in one coaching session what I haven't been able to do on my own in 3 years. She definitely knows her stuff!"

- Jacklyn

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